HoE: The Worms' Turn

GM's Log: Session 1
That Town Needs an Enema!
February 20th – March 2nd, 2097

IC Notes: This session started the campaign with the group being gathered together from amongst the rabble in the displaced persons camps around Junkyard. Ike Taylor gathered them together in hopes they could address a simple recon mission to determine the fate of a massive Hellbore tunneler that the Combine attempted to use to flank Junkyard during the Harvest.

They were sent to Logan, Deseret, a small survivor settlement located 85 miles north of Junkyard. The town was leveled by Iron Alliance forces to stop the flanking effort by the Combine (whether most of the settlers had already been killed by Combine forces before the bomb was dropped is a possible subject of debate). The party was given a palmcorder and told to take footage around and inside the tunneler. On the table as a reward was Junkyard citizenship and $50 each in widgets.

They party chose to travel the roadways to Logan, and met some hostile weather and a raving band of savage mutants. There were a couple of sites to scavenge from on the way as well. Near the end of the fourth day of travel they arrived at Logan.

They were soon ambushed by a heavily burned woman with a gang of well-armed walkin’ dead. This encounter ended with a couple party members being badly wounded (one unconscious). After it was dealt with, it was a simple matter to take the rest of the evening taking video of the tunneler and scavenging around.

The trip back was made in five days, and the party met a small bad of mutie traders who shared some news of trouble in Carson City, Nevada. This group also took some of the looted goods off their hands. Upon return to Junkyard, the party was granted the promised citizenship (they can now come and go from Junkyard without buying a day pass) and the agreed upon widgets.

Loot Notes:
Acquired loot:

  • 4 police pistols (2 traded, one claimed by Hendell)
  • 1 scattergun (claimed by Mao)
  • 1 NA XM-42 Rifle
  • 1 water purification kit (10 uses, carried by Mao)
  • 1 NA Sidearm w/ extra clip and 20 rounds of 9mm ammo, laser-sight broken
  • 1 can of Dr. Pepper
  • 1 CEP armor (burned and cut, but functional)
  • 1 geiger counter (acquried from traders)
  • 1 toolkit (carried by Hendell)
  • 19 30.06 rifle ammo
  • 6 .45 pistol ammo (taken by… Mao?)
  • 1 palmcorder, currently password locked (this will require a difficult repair effort, or seeking a professional to help)

5 hunting rifles were left behind, I believe, due to weight concerns. Everyone was given 12 days of canned food, of which they presumably consumed 10 days worth.

OOC Notes: I’m pretty happy with how things went. I need to figure out how to group allies onto PC’s initiative cards. I also need to get a little better about awarding bennies than I tend to be. Perhaps it’s worth considering the optional rule that grants everyone a benny when a joker is drawn. I need to establish a good list of random sites to shelter in and scavenge from to keep travel sequences a bit snappier.

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